3 reasons why IB students in India get into Ivy colleges easily.

The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), a non-profit institution in Switzerland, administers the IB as a world standard academic programme. Students aged 3 to 19 participate in the following three programmes. PYP: The Primary Years Program (Kindergarten to Class 5). MYP: The Middle Years Program (Class 6 to Class 10). DP: The Diploma Program (Class 11 to Class 12). However, The IB Diploma Program (DP) is by a long shot the most mainstream, which is a two-year “pre-college” course that students start in their second or final year of high school. Ivy colleges value IB scores. Indeed, it is accepted that a high scoring IB confirmation (DP) connects well with accomplishment in the applications of universities like Havard. Despite the fact that there are no formally published cutoff points for Ivy level universities, there have been instances of constructive criticism and academic reviews on how IB scores passage in the enrolment process. Here are some of the reasons why IB students are quickly admitted to Ivy League colleges: IB understudies get the highest preference. There is no public selection test led by colleges, yet they rather consider the IB scores of students. IB is informally acknowledged as a standard educational program by the school. Truth be told, these colleges offer opportunities to IB students over non-IB students. According to the IBO study, the admission rate of IB students at Ivy Colleges is up to 18% higher. Nonetheless, it is significant for IB students to score in any event, 38 points or more if they are focusing on any of the elite colleges. IB students learn more High Level subjects Ivy League colleges stress more High Level (HL) IB subjects. Applicants should focus on a 6s and 7s for every HL subject. IB students are required to take at least 3 HL subjects during their program, which acquaints them with top to bottom components on a topic. In many instances, IB courses give the best demonstrating ground to academic and non-academic achievements. IB students are all-rounders and competitive. IB students have been focused on by Havard and other colleges because of the challenging ideas of the IB program, which grooms students into all-round people. Likewise with all candidates, Ivy League Colleges think about the overall standings of the applicant, which may incorporate initiative & leadership characteristics, donning sports accomplishments, letter of recommendation (LOR), the theory of knowledge (TOK), and extended essay scores andexpanded paper scores. Furthermore, an entry is also dictated by the scores for specific IB subjects as per the specialization. Despite the fact that, there’s a colossal interest for students from the IB educational program at Ivy universities, numerous students favor remaining in India and finishing their college degree and moving to the United States later on in time. An IB understudy with normal evaluations and low SAT/ACT scores may find it hard to get admitted into an incredible Ivy school in any case. More or less, almost certainly that IB educational plan is great yet students like to endeavor to obtain undergraduate degrees under the Indian boards, score splendidly and secure admission to the best colleges abroad.